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2013 was aptly labeled the “Year of the Woman Entrepreneur” nationwide, and with that, the momentum of female-owned businesses continues to skyrocket. We are seeing more and more unique and helpful services pop up in the West Hartford community, developed by local women. It’s a win-win for all of us, as their businesses prosper and we, the consumers, get to reap the invigorating benefits!

One particular West Hartford woman entrepreneur exemplifies this, as she has developed a unique business niche that blossomed from her passion, drive and mission to spread joy, peace of mind and good health to the community.

Erina Lander, owner of A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa, celebrates her new business venture joyfully. To her, opening the doors of this one-of-the-kind spa signifies and solidifies the fact that she has finally been able to re-connect to her own happiness after struggling through many years of emotional pain.

“The reason I put ‘bliss’ in the title was because that’s what is different about this place, It comes totally from a place of healing and love and joy.”  Born in Russia, Erina came to the United States in 1990. She had been a civil engineer back home, but she was always passionate about helping others in some way. She remembers clearly the day her entrepreneurial light bulb lit up. Erina had been a dental hygienist for 18 years but she lost interest and joy in her job. It simply was not fulfilling enough for her anymore. One day, still feeling down, she treated herself to a facial at a local salon. She was pleasantly surprised when she actually felt rejuvenated. She couldn’t believe how good she felt after the facial. “I felt like I was taken care of for that hour. I felt re-charged even later on that evening. I believe that helped transform me into a new person. I understood that life can change tomorrow. I don’t postpone anything anymore. That day, I suddenly became aware of my life purpose. This is what I wanted to bring to others. I wanted to give love and peace and healthy rejuvenation back to everyone in the community.”  Erina quit her job two weeks later and started researching aesthetician schools and enrolled soon after.

Today, Erina is a popular facial reflexologist and Reiki practitioner. With the opening of her spa just a few months ago, she knew she wanted to offer full service experiences to her clientele. A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa is currently the only spa in Connecticut offering “Barefoot Ashiatsu Bar Therapy” or the “feet walking on your back” massage, whereby a trained practitioner uses her body weight to adjust pressure. “The benefits are phenomenal,” smiles Erina, “excellent for chronic back, neck or hip pain; professional athletes… really everyone can benefit!” Also offered is traditional Ashiatsu massage, a western adaptation of martial arts and medical massage from India, Japan and Thailand. ”I hand pick all my staff professionals,” assures Erina, “making sure they are passionate about their skills and love to give. We receive much more from a place of giving,” she explains. Erina sums it up, “everything is done from a place of love, we work from a very holistic approach on every person that comes in, not just on their physical level, but also emotional, spiritual and psychological levels.”

A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa also features Thai massage, facial treatments, a holistic/organic skincare line from Hungary and even holistic workshops on various Thursday evenings.

Aside from being a new business owner, Erina is a devoted wife to her husband, Joseph, and mother to her teen daughter, Veronica. She believes love is most important in life and reminds us that, “in this day and age of texting and electronics, people don’t touch as much anymore. Touch has numerous health benefits. Regular spa treatments really improve your overall health.”

People need to be nurtured in order to have optimum, balanced health. It’s not a ‘Luxury’ anymore (expensive things not necessary). That has changed in today’s world. Now, it’s about experiencing, focusing on, and nurturing one’s self!

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