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Erina LanderErina Lander, Founder of A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa

My name is Erina and I am the founder of A Touch Of Bliss Organic Spa. I am a holistic Esthetician, Reiki practitioner and Facial Reflexologist. I came from the former USSR more then 25 years ago and found my home here in America. I hold a Masters Degree In Civil Engineering, Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene and a Certification in Esthetics. I love learning, staying current on the latest developments in skin care and incorporating a variety of techniques into the treatments I’m able to provide to my clients.

I became an Esthetician because I love bringing holistic beauty, joy, love and healing into the lives of everybody I touch and believe that true beauty starts within. I am fascinated with ancient healing modalities, the effects of what we eat and think, the power of the mind, and the miracles we can all create in our lives. My passion is to inspire my clients to live better lives and make good choices that are the best for them and our planet. I am honored to share everything I know with you.

My name is Tida. After graduating high school, I earned my Associates of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Quinebaug Valley Community College. While in school, I took a Medical Office Receptionist course and started working at a Naturopathic Physician’s office. While working there I had witnessed so many people transform by improving their lifestyle choices. I concluded that I wanted to help people in their journey of bettering themselves. After taking the Rhode Island State Boards and receiving my Esthetics license, I dove head first into the art of skin care, working to master: organic facials, essential oils, and professional makeup application.

I caught the brow fever and started working at a brow bar where I learned the secrets to shaping and filling in eye brows. I constantly am furthering my education, as I pursue a bachelors in business and consistently attend continuing education courses in Esthetics. I’ve taken many courses including bridal makeup and aroma therapy.

It is my passion to keep advancing in this ever-changing world of beauty, and to give my clients, here at A Touch Of Bliss Spa, the best services imaginable.

My name is Rachael Lee. I have been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years.  I am also a certified yoga instructor and Reiki master. It brings me joy to work with clients with various restrictions and injuries and be part of their journey to healing. I customize each session based on where you are on any given day. I truly enjoy teaching you to find comfort in your own body and helping you finding a greater comfort and ease of movement based on my vast body of knowledge and experience. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to find your “Bliss”.



My name is Becky Scribano. I am a licensed massage therapist and a graduate of Connecticut’s Center for Massage Therapy, now known as Cortiva Institute. I became a massage therapist because I love working with others, helping clients improve their body’s awareness and reaching a higher level of health and well being. I believe in a holistic approach first when it comes to healing the body of aches and pains. I enjoy
working with clients, manipulating muscles and tissue, in order to soothe and bring relief to those in discomfort. My goal is provide clients with the self care that they need, using firm, relaxing yet effective body working techniques. I like to incorporate aromatherapy into my session, helping to cleanse and heal the mind, body and soul. Book your appointment with me today! I’d love to help alleviate those aches and pains, and create a treatment plan that is specific to you!



Hello, my name is Angie. I graduated CT Center for Massage Therapy in 2017 and have been in love with this field ever since. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I worked in the medical field for 7 years as a medical assistant. Although I loved helping people, I did not agree with a lot of Western medicine approach – so I decided to make a change. With massage, I have found a great balance between a lifestyle I believe in , and still helping people the best way I know how. My goal is to introduce as many people as possible to massage while promoting self care. Massage has made a positive change in my life. I would love to make a positive change in yours.



My name is Melissa. I have been practicing massage and bodywork therapy for over ten years in Southern Arizona and Northeast Connecticut. I am a licensed massage therapist, a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, and a Modern and Aerial Dance instructor. I graduated from the Providence Institute in Tucson, AZ after studying both Western and Eastern Massage modalities. I came to massage after careers in non-profit and academia because I wanted to bring pain relief, body awareness, and balance to people in a way which honors each person’s individual pathway to healing as well as the stories their body carries. Among the modalties I offer are Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Medical Massage, Energetic Unwinding, Orthopedic Deep Tissue and Prenatal. I love meeting new clients and tailoring a treatment plan to their individual needs, whether that’s seeking pain relief and relaxation, addressing postural conditions, supporting long-term health issues and emotional holding, or simply seeking whole body maintenance and health. I practice a form of integrative massage and bodywork whose goal is to bring the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies into greater harmony as well as receptivity to living and sensation. In a treatment, we’ll achieve this through a combination of focus work on specific joint, soft tissue and fascial imbalances and Swedish, breathing, stretches and body unwinding. I believe that safety, respect and healthy boundaries are crucial to client-therapist trust and real results—and I promise to create a space that supports your success and healing.



Hello, my name is Christine and I was born and raised in Germany. I have been an esthetician for 19 years. I specialize in wide variety of treatments as well as whole body waxing. I was born and raised in Germany and all my life I knew I wanted to do something where I could help others. Being an esthetician has not only allowed me to have a positive effect on other people’s lives. It has also given me a deep sense pf purpose and fulfillment. It brings me such a joy to share my knowledge with you and to see the transformation right before my eyes! Esthetics is my passion and I look forward to sharing it with you!



My name is Kris. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been in a beauty industry for over 20 years. I started as makeup artist and hair stylist, which led me down the path into cosmetology education. I loved working as an instructor and admissions advisor, helping guide students into the exciting opportunities in a beauty field. Health and beauty is my passion. It brings joy into my life to help others feel and look their best.
I am here to welcome you, serve you a cup of delicious beverage, and show you around. I love making you feel comfortable and welcomed. Looking forward to meeting you!



Hi my name is Lora. Welcome to A touch of Bliss Spa. I will be helping you find your bliss through self care and healing hands. As, a mother of 3 teens, I understand the needs of parents. As parents we need to recharge ourselves. I am a firm believer of keeping fit and strong, with proper nutrition and exercise. My background is in Dental and Nutrition. My hobbies include exercising at the gym and cooking for my family. Always live to share recipes. I have a passion for helping others. I look forward in meeting with you.


Now that you have been introduced to our team at A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa, why not come in and experience the Bliss for yourself!

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