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Come to A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa in West Hartford for the BEST Ultimate Bliss Facial.


At A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa in West Hartford, enjoy a relaxing facial. A Touch of Bliss in West Hartford is the BEST!


Christina is outstanding! She has magic fingers and hands. She was thorough and made me feel extremely comfortable. I trusted her and she did an outstanding job! I left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, not to mention my skin looked and felt amazing! Thank you Christina!
Kimberly K.

Peaceful and soothing environment. I’ve been seeing Erina for 5 months and I’m totally off my acne medication thanks to her
Emily H.

Erina’s facials are the ultimate in relaxation. I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, and with my skin glowing. Highly recommend!
Sara K.

Had my first visit to A Touch of Bliss Spa and found everyone to be professional and courteous. When you walk through the front door, it’s as though you’ve stepped into another place and time. Clean facility, beautiful decor, and instantly relaxing. Thanks to Amanda who was especially professional and accomodating. It was a truly exceptional experience and look forward to my next visit.
Brenda K.

Alicia was very thorough and professional! She found areas that I didn’t know I needed work on. I felt very relaxed and refreshed after my massage. She went the extra mile to make sure my massage was perfect! I will definitely be booking with her again!”
Alicia F.

Alicia brings a light, positive energy, while magically and intuitively locating the areas of stress within my body, and then working them out confidently and compassionately, so it’s a productive massage without pain. The overall experience is one of relaxation and rejuvenation, and leaving me in a Zen state feeling like I’ve just been physically and emotionally soothed by an “angelic guide” who really cares about me. Thank you for the TLC, Alicia!”
Joseph L

I have been to several facialists in Brooklyn where I live. All were good, but none compare to A Touch of Bliss. The idea of this place, an Organic spa that uses safe products and combines them with the most innovative facial technology, is sui generis. Forget about steams that burn the surface of your skin. Erina and her right-hand woman, Christine, give you organic peels that open the pores for extraction. I got my first hydrofacial, which left my face clean and silky. The eye treatment was stellar. Erina is scrupulous about public-health guidelines, taking clients’temperature, maintaining social distance, and cleaning the rooms between each client. I felt absolutely safe and looked a few years younger when I walked out. I also loved patronizing a female-owned business. Drive from the city; it’s worth the ride. Braves, Erina, for creating such a tranquil oasis of beauty and health.
Marcia Geller


Melissa’s massage was just amazing and I am feeling so much better today. Haven’t taken any of my remaining meds yet, which I hate, and I am just sore. Not much pain at all. i adore everything about A Touch Of Bliss!!
Rena Jadoonanan

I enjoyed my first massage after the reopening from the pandemic. All of the steps and measures taken by the staff made me feel comfortable in coming in and allowed me to relax and enjoy my massage with Melissa.
Greg Hammond

I enjoyed my first massage after the reopening from the pandemic. All of the steps and measures taken by the staff made me feel comfortable in coming in and allowed me to relax and enjoy my massage with Melissa.

I’m a recent Connecticut transplant and finding A Touch of Bliss was one of the highlights of my move. Everyone is so kind, helpful and the service is amazing. Erina remembers your name when you come in *and* when you call. I have terrible back pain and general stress since COVID began and it evaporates when you walk in. It’s even better when you leave. 🙂 Bonus points for the sanitation and processes they have in place. Highly, highly recommend.
Jenna L.

In addition to the relaxing massage, the check in process was very smooth with pretty much no contact with any surfaces until you reach the room for your service. It’s clear that the business is going above and beyond to keep both the clients and employees safe!

Alicia is a great masseuse and made sure I was comfortable and safe during my massage. It was the perfect blend of relaxing and healing for my problem areas.
Alexis Moore

Fantastic job screening clients and with infection control protocols. I felt very safe. So happy you are back!!
Review for Melissa B: As always my massage was fabulous. Great attention to cleanliness. I felt very safe and relaxed thanks to my wonderful massage 🙂
Sarah Kerin

May 2020
Oscar Wilde said that he had very simple tastes; he only liked the best. He would have booked a permanent room at A Touch of Bliss, and had it ready and waiting. This place is special in too many ways to encapsulate in a brief Internet review. First of all, at a time when we are all inundated with alarming news of chemicals in our food, drinking water, and containers, customers know that Erina, the founder and owner of A Touch of Bliss, uses only pure, safe ingredients. Lots of people in the beauty business say this. Most of them don’t have a hard-science background, with an engineering degree. Erina does. She has studied biochemistry and understands the products she uses at their component level. (By the way, she’s bilingual and trained in a variety of techniques for reducing stress, including lymphatic drainage; I actually breathe differently after one of her facials.) Erina has assembled a team of bright, gracious, talented women who express the vision she had when she opened this place: safe, effective, customized care. I got a full-body massage, but the therapist said the tension in my neck and shoulders was enough that she wanted to concentrate only on that area. After 60 minutes I was a new person. Erina decided to do something called “The Magic Carpet,” which sounded vaguely hallucinogenic. I didn’t like it at first, because she wasn’t putting her magic hands on my face; it was a series of rollers. But I figured I’d let her enjoy herself, playing with toys. When I looked in the mirror after forty minutes, my face was clean, smooth, and radiant — no hyperbole. The Magic Carpet is actually magic. The space is relaxing, with fruit-infused water, tea, and comfortable chairs. My mother has lounges in the sitting room with her book in between, say, an arctic-berry facial and an organic body wrap. After a few visits, A Touch of Bliss starts to feel like home, because Erina herself is a protective Jewish mother who treats regulars like family. There’s no place like this in Connecticut (or New York), so I recommend making an appointment for whatever you need — well ahead of time. You might bump into a handsome, quiet, gentleman, who’s visiting from his office. That’s Joe, Erina’s husband, who’s like a shock-absorber for her expansive energy and who takes (adorable) pride in her. After my last visit, Erina told me that the Magic Carpet’s effects don’t last forever; one needs to do it every few months. She is realistic in her claims; there’s no false advertising or mumbo-jumbo here. A Touch of Bliss does not promise magic but delivers it.
Jaclyn Geller

March 2020
Melissa and Tida are professional, friendly, and kind. Melissa listened to my concerns about how I feel about deep tissue massages and really helped me through the process. I left there feeling good and very relaxed, something that rarely happens to me after any massages. She is the real deal.
I had my facial done by Tida. She has a great personality and is amazing at what she does. Would definitely come back here again.
Lana Pham

February 2020
I work construction and always have aches and pain. I have been to many massage places in West Hartford over the past 20 years. Melissa at Touch of Bliss has been the best I have ever had fix my body, where I ask her when should I come back!! Melissa is readjusting your muscles, so it isn’t relaxing, but you will be feeling great after😎😎😎
Tyler Cronin

January 2020
I really enjoyed Erina’s facials. She is super kind but not fake and is really knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
Cristina Williams

January 2020
The environment and services at this spa really help you to relax and feel pampered. Erina’s facials are amazing; she is very knowledgeable and talented. The massage therapists are also wonderful.
Susan Busby

January 2020
The best facial I’ve ever gotten! Erina was so knowledgeable and had magic hands! Such a gentle, calming touch. I can’t wait to come back for my next facial!!
Sam P.

January 2020
It truly is like a day at the spa when you visit a Touch of Bliss. They pamper you from the moment you walk in the door – taking your coat, offering you water and little chocolates and the cozy waiting room. I had a significant acne breakout and was going through a stressful time. I completed the acne peel treatment with Erina for 5 weeks. It was never harsh on my skin. I never left all red. I went home and used the products every night. Every week I improved more and more and more! We wish we had taken a before and after picture to show you the results. I love that they products are organic and they WORK! You don’t need to use harsh chemicals to clear up your skin. I am grateful for my services with Erina. The services and products are expensive, but worth it if you want to feel good and look good.
Jennifer Lombardi

November 2019
I had such a blast today- I felt my face skin is breathing and alive after my facial. I am in love with all the products and creams that were used on my skin. My skin is been glowing and happy since the morning. Thank you.
Monica Zgarni

November 2019
Best spa experience to date. From the moment you walk in you’re greeted with kindness and a wave of relaxation hits you immediately. Becky was my masseuse and I cannot think of a single thing I would have wished to be different. She was absolutely amazing and I will be coming back to a Touch of Bliss and to her again, hopefully soon!
Christina C.

November 2019
Everything I want and need to relax and restore each month. I look forward to the soothing energy, the warm smiles, superior customer service, perfect organic products and Erina’s deeply healing facials and beautiful energy. Thank you for always taking such good care of me!
Ellen Palmer

November 2019
I just came back from my third facial at A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa. I look and feel radiant! When I first went there, my face was red and chapped and dead looking. Now my 54 year old face feels plump and supple. The experience of receiving Erina’s Signature Facial is like no other. All senses are cared for with low lighting, beautiful spa decor, intoxicating essential oil smells, a great selection of classical and zen music and of course the feeling of massage and succulent serums being slathered masterfully on my face! Even taste… yes taste is taken into account. Upon arrival in the wonderful waiting room are nuts, chocolates, teas and cookies. To top this delightful experience off, the staff are as kind as can be and knowledgeable about all of the products! I could not recommend this luxurious spa more! Enjoy!
Belinda Legere

Cleopatra! Transported to the Nile and I felt like a queen. That is how I felt after getting my facial with Erina, the owner; she was so attentive and massages so well the face. The ambiance its soothing and the decoration is elegant  The products that she uses are  all organic and that’s why I went to her, my face was lifted and I had a glow. I spent three days looking at myself at the mirror and smiling.
Maria J.

For years I had stopped having facials and peels, because I was worried about the chemicals they entailed. Then Erina opened A Touch of Bliss. This highly educated, multi-lingual, independent businesswoman is a self-described “organic freak.”  She researches and personally tests every product before using or selling it. She is one of the two best facialists I’ve ever known; instead of pushing “packages,” she evaluates the client’s skin and decides what’s necessary. Her facility is immaculate, and her staff is warm and caring. No wonder she’s booked up way in advance. But it’s worth the wait. Erina’s peels take five years off a person’s face,her touch is healing, and her products are divine and 100 per cent safe.
Jacklyn G..

100% the best in the state. My wife and I have been coming here for months and we will never go anywhere else. The products, service and hospitality is unparalleled. Would recommend to any and everyone. This business is classy, respectable and welcoming to all types of personalities. Definitely magical and reinvigorating.
Jasden W.

I have been getting facials from Erina for almost a year now, and the difference in my skin is incredible. I had been doing a lot of long haul travel for work and my skin was paying the price – it was dehydrated and looked fatigued. Thanks to Erina and the Eminence products my skin looks much more vibrant and healthy – I’m hooked!
Natasha S.

What a delight!! Touch of Bliss Organic Spa exceeded my expectations in every way! From the moment I was graciously greeted, to the heavenly massage by Rachel…especially the kindness from Erina! Already planning my next visit! Thanks so much! Floating on a cloud!
Natasha S.

I visited Touch of Bliss Organic Spa for a facial and a Swedish massage. The experience was great. Both the facial and massage felt great, and I felt very relaxed during the treatment and after the treatment. The spa is very clean and has a very relaxing atmosphere. Both of the technicians were great and were very friendly. This is a great place to feel pampered.
Jordan H.

I would highly recommend this spa as I had a wonderful massage. The room was large and had lots of natural light . The facilities are very clean and the ambiance is very relaxing. The staff is courteous and very accommodating.
Alessandra 0.

Erina is amazing! I have gone to A Touch of Bliss twice for facials and I plan on keeping regular appointments because the results have been amazing so far. I was impressed from the first visit when I filled out a detailed survey and Erina had a consultation with me before she began the facial to figure out the best solution for my skin type. The experience you get is so much more than a regular facial and I always leave with glowing skin and the same stress-free feeling after yoga. I started using the Eminence product line and my skin looks brighter and smoother after two months of use. I can’t wait for my next appointment, I’m hooked!

When I retired, I received a gift certificate for A Touch of Bliss Spa. I finally went and was more than impressed. Erina says she feels this work is her calling, and after a one hour facial, I understand what she means; I’m not a very “woo-woo” person, but there was definitely a sense of the spiritual happening. The products, smells, sounds, and peaceful atmosphere added to the experience. And one can feel the love and energy that seems to flow from Erina’s hands. I felt as if I’d been on vacation, totally relaxed, energized and my skin looked and felt firmer, more supple and brighter after just this one facial. But believe me, there will definitely be more.
Nora G.

I have never had a facial before but was given a certificate for one at this spa, and I am so glad I did! Erina made sure she understood my needs and concerns (I have very dry sensitive skin but am still prone to acne) before she started the facial. It was extremely relaxing and she explained the products she was using and why. I can’t wait to go back and continue working on improving my skin!
Cari G.

I cannot say enough good things about Erina and her staff!! I booked a birthday princess package for my mother’s birthday recently and was beyond impressed with the booking process down to the services provided to my mother. They accommodated me last minute and made it work for which I was so grateful! My mother is currently going through chemotherapy and they were all so gentle and loving towards her, I couldn’t have asked for anything else. She truly felt like a queen! She said “this is the best spa you’ve ever brought me too!” The ambiance and small touches throughout the spa were beautiful and relaxing! We will definitely be back again! I HIGHLY recommend this spa to anyone!
Nad O. Naugatuck, CT

This was my first time at this establishment but as soon as I walked in I felt very welcomed and relaxed. My facial was superb, not only did I leave looking younger my whole body was so relaxed. This was the best facial and experience I have EVER had.

Amazing, Hands down the best spa ever. Erina is amazing! She is a gift. I have had acne for as long as I can remember. She is a magician and a godsend. Love this place and her
Karen L East Granby!

This was the best facial I have had in years! Erina is a genius! I have very sensitive skin and I was concerned about having new products used on my face. The staff are all incredibly polite and attentive as I explained my allergies and skin care needs. I planned my next visit before I was out the door! I would highly recommend A Touch of Bliss!
Cristi A West Hartford

Refreshed, youthful, healthy: that’s how I would describe the appearance of my skin after a vist to Touch of Bliss. Microcurrent is pure magic and coupled with the organic treatments, I look “radiant” I am told. Book an appointment to get the best out of your skin and invest in the products the team there recommends. After facials in San Fran, DC, Seattle, PDX- this is the most effective I have found.
Scheduled to return next week for a body scrub!
Jennifer F Hartford

I have been going to Touch of Bliss for over 3 months to help with hormonal acne and the difference is unbelievable. I have been dealing with this for over a decade – even taking prescription medicine – and have had no real success until I met Erina. Erina is extremely knowledgable and takes the time to listen to clients need. She devised a plan specifically for me and has suggested various products to help my skin looking clear. I encourage anyone with any type of skin problem to try Erina. You won’t be disappointed.
Amy W West Hartford

I did a ton of research on spas to get a Brazilian wax done and I came across other reviews for A Touch of Bliss and everyone gave them 5stars and they definitely met and exceeded all expectations! The receptionist was so polite and welcoming. She gave me a tour as I waited and offered a beverage. I’ve never been to a spa before before but if this is what they are all like, boy, have I been missing out! The women who did my wax made me feel completely comfortable and talked me through the process step by step. They wax was not as painful as I assumed. They us Nufree wax, which actually isn’t a wax so it’s less painful.

The point of my dragged on paragraph above is 5stars just isn’t enough to express the experience you have at this spa! I will definitely be returning for more brazilians and maybe even a massage or two!
Anita C Hartford

“Erina and her team are amazing! The facials are relaxing and have tremendously helped my skin become brighter and healthier. Not only did she treat and minimize my blemishes, but my skin started to finally clear up as well. All of the organic products are easy to use and I saw results very fast. I am really happy with my entire experience at Touch of Bliss!”
Jessica Edmonds

Erina is wonderful and her new spa is lovely. She is a treasure. I am telling everyone to do themselves a favor and see her for one of her services. I have had many facials with her and am so calmed by her presence and attention to detail.
Amy M, West Hartford

We all need to take that moment in time to pause and to do something just for you. Where can one go where as you take your first step in the door, your whole body immediately relaxes and feels that you are exactly where you need to be? A Touch Of Bliss, founded by Erina, is just that place we all seek for the ultimate haven for the exclusive touch of bliss. The warmth of the fireplace, hot organic tea and snuggly throws are the invitation to settle in to stay for the ultimate spa experience. A facial with Erina is unique and distinctive. Her gentle warmth, gifts of intuitive touch, and reflexology lend perfectly to the best facial I ever experienced. I love the fact that all products are pure organic, perfect blend for the nurturing and nourishment of both body and soul -much like food and medicine. My skin radiates for days, lingering in results of a touch of bliss. I look forward to my monthly spa experiences to get recharged and rejuvenated. I applaud Erina for establishing the finest organic spa in the area. Thank you!”
Audrey C, Newington

“Great attention to clients needs. I just went and had a facial at A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa in West Hartford, CT. on Park Rd. I have to say, I have been getting facials for at least 30 years and I am very critical. This facial was indeed “A Touch Of Bliss” The attention to my relaxation and comfort, combined with quality skincare was incredible. Thanks Erina. I’ll be back again and again.”
Karen U, Naugatuck

“I recently had a facial at A Touch of Bliss. The spa is aptly named. Erina has a gentle touch that creates a feeling of relaxation right away. The products used are all organic, and made my skin feel great. I left feeling fantastic. I will be back again.”
Susan B, West Hartford

“I never felt so cared for when getting a facial! Erina, the owner of A Touch of Bliss, found the perfect name for her spa. She gives a head and face massage that extends down your arms and hands and even your back that, along with her Reiki training that seemed to trickle in from her unconsciously, was pure luxury! The scents from the organic products are exquisite and immediately transported me to a relaxed meditative state. I would highly recommend a visit to A Touch of Bliss!”
Pam L., West Hartford, CT

“A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa is Everything you want in a spa, especially the facials. Knowing that the products used are of the purest organic ingredients puts you immediately at ease. Erina is absolutely incredible. Her facials are more relaxing than some fully body massages I have had through the years. I recommend Erina and her spa to everyone!”
Maria D., Glastonbury, CT

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”
-Joseph Campbell

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