At a Touch Of Bliss, we offer a variety of massages including unique modalities that you will find only at our spa, such as Ultimate Bliss massage, Ayurvedic Ritual, Orthopedic Integrative Deep Tissue, Thai Herbal Compress massage, Cupping and Accumassage.Each massage includes free soothing warm hydrocollator packs to loosen tight muscles and soothe aches and pains.

Massage Services


90 minutes / $159
  • Would you like to improve circulation, lightly exfoliate the skin, and ground your body electromagnetic field? During this deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment, the massage therapist uses warm salt stones from Jurassic era seabed to apply pressure, using different massage techniques. Himalayan salt stone emit negative ions when heated, delivering a myriad of health benefits – from higher mental alertness to protection against germs in the air.


60 or 90 minutes / $145-$189
  • Are you seeking relief from tight muscles or injuries? Do you need to release your stress? Would you like to experience a state of deep relaxation and relief from muscle pain? Escape, relax and release pain with a concentrated plant therapy blend of organic CBD oil and organic healing herbs grown in Colorado. CBD extracts have multiple health benefits such as anti-inflammation, a reduction in stress response and pain firing, and protection from free radicals, among others. This indulgent and deeply moisturizing treatment will immediately ease sore muscles, joints, fatigue and inflammation by increasing circulation in your body. Experience a bliss that will last hours after massage. Get off the table feeling refreshed with a new freedom to move.


60 or 90 minutes / $95-$137
  • This traditional Swedish massage gained popularity in the 19th century and targets the superficial tissues of the skin and muscles to increase circulation, balance hormones, lower blood pressure and provide an overall sense of well-being.


90 minutes /$159
  • Would you like a deeply relaxing massage that incorporates firm pressure? Then Alicia’s Signature massage is for you! It includes a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques, acupressure, and full body aromatherapy massage. You can choose to add organic CBD oil to further decrease inflammation and reduce stress.


60 or 90 minutes /$105-$147
  • Targeted to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body, this type of massage is extremely beneficial because it reaches the deepest layer of muscles, connective tissues, and tendons. It is mainly used to breakdown adhesions and high muscle tonic that cause pain, inflammation and limit the body’s natural range of motion.


90 minutes / $159
  • Start your journey with essential oils to stimulate your senses. A blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue strokes are applied based on your body’s individual needs. Hot Stones are used in the portion of the massage focused on your back to relax the muscles that are most often tense. This massage targets your trouble areas and brings deep relaxation.


90 minutes / $191
  • Immerse yourself into the ancient healing Ayurvedic Ritual featuring Raw Silk body exfoliation, followed by nourishing wrap with warm oils infused with organic essential oils, chosen specifically for your Dosha type. Complete the experience with the power of guided meditation and full body massage. Relax with the cup of herbal tea after. This is a one of a kind experience
  • Special: Take home a bath salt gift bag filled with the pure medicinal essential oils that were chosen for your Dosha type in your treatment.


60 or 90 minutes / $125 or $179
  • A Thai healing therapy that uses a selection of therapeutic herbs, including ginger, turmeric and lemongrass in a hot fomentation compress, combined with a full body massage, to reduce muscular aches and inflammation.


60 or 90 minutes / $115-$151
  • Regular massages while pregnant can boost your immune system, help you sleep, relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy, and prevent edema-based disorders.

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