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At a Touch of Bliss Organic Spa, we promote and endorse organic skin care products. Why organic? Your skin is a sensitive organ, and we believe synthetic chemicals should be avoided. By definition, organic ingredients are ones that have been grown without the help of any synthetic substances. This means chemical-free, with no use of artificial substances including GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, etc., ultimately leading to the most beneficial ingredients for skin care. There are different grades of organic products, however. When searching for organic products, the label should tell you of the organic content within. All products must be labeled according to the percentage of organic ingredients within it. The definitions of each are as follows:

100% Organic – These products contain only organically produced ingredients and by law they can display the official USDA organic seal.

Organic – This means that these products contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients, while the remaining percentage of ingredients must be non-agricultural substances.

Made With Organic Ingredients – These items must contain at least 70-94% organic ingredients.

Other (Natural) –
 Products with less than 70% organic ingredients are only allowed to list the specific ingredients that are organic on the packaging within the information panel.

A Touch of Bliss offers a complete menu of organic skin care treatments and products. Whether you are a teen with sensitive skin or you want to turn back the clock, we have effective therapies for you. Get acquainted with our products here.

Acne Care

We offer The Teen Facial for our clients with young acne-prone skin as a series of six skin treatments and a customized home regimen.

Detoxifying Facials, Clarifying Facials and Peels

Our facials will hydrate, exfoliate, and nourish your skin. Reveal the glowing complexion you were born with.

Anti-Aging Facials

Restore radiance and improve the texture and appearance of aging skin with our organic anti-aging facial treatments. Correct hyperpigmentation, hydrate, reduce wrinkles, tighten and tone your skin.

Bright Eyes Treatment

The delicate skin around your eyes needs to be treated tenderly. Our four step treatment hydrates the skin around the eyes and improves elasticity.

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