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Infared Sauna Blanket

Would you like to relax, detox, burn calories and get a glowing skin?
Can you imagine what it would be like to get the benefits of a workout while relaxing?
Our sauna blanket makes this dream a reality…
Introducing our new Infrared Sauna Blanket.
This exclusive treatment utilizes Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals, Detox Charcoal Layers (which generate negative ions) , Magnetic Therapy, and low EMF Infrared heat.
The sauna blanket temporarily increases blood flow, so your body thinks you are out on a run while you are simply laying down.
As you relax into the soothing, yet stimulating heat, the infrared provides an uplifting sensation. The result? A healthy, rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling euphoric.
The Infrared session can be booked as a stand alone treatment or before your massage to relax the muscles prior to your treatment.
30 minutes -$55
August special -$20 off
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CBD Ritual Massage

Are you seeking relief from tight muscles or injuries? Do you need to release your stress? Would you like to experience a state of deep relaxation and relief from muscle pain? Escape, relax and release pain with a concentrated plant therapy blend of organic CBD oil and organic healing herbs grown in Colorado. CBD extracts have multiple health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, reduction in stress response and pain firing, protection from free radicals and many others.
This indulgent and deeply moisturizing treatment will immediately ease sore muscles, joints, fatigue and inflammation by increasing circulation in your body. Experience a Bliss that will last hours after massage… Get off the table feeling refreshed with a new freedom to move.

60 Minute: $139
Special special: $10 off
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Includes all the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial MD with the addition of either DermaBuilder to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or Britenol to reduce the appearance of dark spots. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging.
45 minutes -$240
August special – $15 off
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The Platinum HydraFacial is the ultimate HydraFacial. It starts with a detoxification process, lymphatic drainage. This HydraFacial also includes a special booster that can address your specific skin concerns. This HydraFacial concludes with LED light therapy to help banish the signs of aging.

60 minute: $325
August special: $35 off
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To learn more about our specials please call the spa for details: 860-712-7313

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