We all need to take that moment in time to pause and to do something just for you. Where can one go where as you take your first step in the door, your whole body immediately relaxes and feels that you are exactly where you need to be? A Touch Of Bliss, founded by Erina, is just that place we all seek for the ultimate haven for the exclusive touch of bliss. The warmth of the fireplace, hot organic tea and snuggly throws are the invitation to settle in to stay for the ultimate spa experience. A facial with Erina is unique and distinctive. Her gentle warmth, gifts of intuitive touch, and reflexology lend perfectly to the best facial I ever experienced. I love the fact that all products are pure organic, perfect blend for the nurturing and nourishment of both body and soul -much like food and medicine. My skin radiates for days, lingering in results of a touch of bliss. I look forward to my monthly spa experiences to get recharged and rejuvenated. I applaud Erina for establishing the finest organic spa in the area. Thank you!”