Oscar Wilde said that he had very simple tastes; he only liked the best. He would have booked a permanent room at A Touch of Bliss, and had it ready and waiting. This place is special in too many ways to encapsulate in a brief Internet review. First of all, at a time when we are all inundated with alarming news of chemicals in our food, drinking water, and containers, customers know that Erina, the founder and owner of A Touch of Bliss, uses only pure, safe ingredients. Lots of people in the beauty business say this. Most of them don’t have a hard-science background, with an engineering degree. Erina does. She has studied biochemistry and understands the products she uses at their component level. (By the way, she’s bilingual and trained in a variety of techniques for reducing stress, including lymphatic drainage; I actually breathe differently after one of her facials.) Erina has assembled a team of bright, gracious, talented women who express the vision she had when she opened this place: safe, effective, customized care. I got a full-body massage, but the therapist said the tension in my neck and shoulders was enough that she wanted to concentrate only on that area. After 60 minutes I was a new person. Erina decided to do something called “The Magic Carpet,” which sounded vaguely hallucinogenic. I didn’t like it at first, because she wasn’t putting her magic hands on my face; it was a series of rollers. But I figured I’d let her enjoy herself, playing with toys. When I looked in the mirror after forty minutes, my face was clean, smooth, and radiant — no hyperbole. The Magic Carpet is actually magic. The space is relaxing, with fruit-infused water, tea, and comfortable chairs. My mother has lounges in the sitting room with her book in between, say, an arctic-berry facial and an organic body wrap. After a few visits, A Touch of Bliss starts to feel like home, because Erina herself is a protective Jewish mother who treats regulars like family. There’s no place like this in Connecticut (or New York), so I recommend making an appointment for whatever you need — well ahead of time. You might bump into a handsome, quiet, gentleman, who’s visiting from his office. That’s Joe, Erina’s husband, who’s like a shock-absorber for her expansive energy and who takes (adorable) pride in her. After my last visit, Erina told me that the Magic Carpet’s effects don’t last forever; one needs to do it every few months. She is realistic in her claims; there’s no false advertising or mumbo-jumbo here. A Touch of Bliss does not promise magic but delivers it.