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It’s no secret we live in a very challenging time. Living with uncertainty, not being able to work, or having to work from home, learning how to homeschool children, not being able to leave the house, communicate with the friends and family… the list goes on. The most detrimental effect of continuous stress is its effect on immune system. Elevated state of stress weakens immune system, thus makes us more prone to diseases, including viral and bacterial infections.

So what are the things you can do to minimize stress and protect yourself from COVID 19?

Washing your hands per CDC recommendations
Getting at least 8 hours of sleep
Eating a healthy diet , full of fresh vegetables, fruit, and whole foods to strengthen your immune system
Avoiding sugar, dairy, alcohol, highly processed foods, and animal protein as much as possible
Exercising daily. Experts recommend combining stretching, weight bearing exercise and cardio for maximum effect. There are a lot of free apps that make exercise easy and fun, including Down Dog, Nike Training and many others.
Incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily life. Have you ever tried meditation? You don’t have to be a meditation guru or sit in a lotus pose for hours in order to rip amazing benefits of meditation. All you need is a quiet room, small cushion or a chair, and a desire to feel better. You can meditate outside in nature, and this is my practice every day now until early October. Sitting on a chair with my feet on a grass and focusing on my breath is all I do every morning. The incredible sense of peace that I feel after, helps me to be able to deal with all the challenges that day brings. I also incorporate a short guided meditation and deep breathing into my favorite treatment which is called Erina’s Signature Facial. My intention is not only to make your skin glow, but also to help you to balance your energy and induce a deep state of relaxation. Can’t wait to get your skin glowing? Then a Virtual Facial is waiting for you! Make your skin glow at home with a customized Virtual Facial Kit, learn lifting self massage techniques, facial fitness exercises, and just have fun!
Benefits of loving human touch are enormous, and include improving of immune system, calming of the nervous and cardiovascular system, increased release of oxytocin, which is also called “the love hormone’, and many others. These are only a few reasons why having regular massages are so beneficial for you. Regular massages also can help to release muscle tension, increase a range of movement, alleviate pain and discomfort, lower blood pressure, and just make you feel good again! (maybe add an image from the website?)
We can’t wait to see you at our spa and give you so much needed massages, facials and other treatments, but while we are closed, you can still give yourself self-massage.