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At A Touch of Bliss Organic Spa, our massage therapist works wonders with tired, sore and stressed out muscles! Our Spa offers a variety of relaxing and therapeutic body work – including 60 minute Swedish Massage, Acu Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, and the incredible Royal Indulgence Massage administered by two therapists at once!

Our Massage Therapists are proficient in superficial tissue as well as deep tissue massage techniques. Our Ultimate Bliss Massage includes hot stone therapy for further muscle relaxation. Implementation of essential oils, aroma therapy, Ayurvedic ritual and foot massage, Indian head massage, guided meditation, and skin exfoliation feature heavily in our some of our massage therapy packages.

Adding massage therapy to your health maintenance routine brings a multitude of benefits long-term. Lowering your systolic blood pressure after a massage has been proven to last as long as 72 hours following the session. A decrease in anxiety, fears, insomnia, restlessness and other symptoms also follows therapeutic massage. In fact, having a massage is a great way to just feel good, and may help keep depression at bay. Nourish your body, mind and spirit with the magic of our Massage Packages. View them all here. Make an appointment today.