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Age gets the best of all of us. If you are on the fence about a non-surgical facelift in Farmington, CT, look no further than A Touch Of Bliss! Read on to learn more about the pros of this procedure,  and what you can expect when you get this procedure done! The median age in Farmington, CT is 40, which is typically when a person would start to consider this kind of procedure.

Pros of Non-Surgical Facelifts:

Firstly, non-surgical facelifts offer a wide variety of benefits. To begin, here are some of the pros of getting a non-surgical facelift:

They Are Cost-Effective

Next, it is a known fact that non-surgical facelifts are significantly less expensive than a surgical one.

Less Pain Involved

If you are sensitive to pain, this procedure may be for you! With a non-surgical facelift, there is minimal discomfort and pain experienced throughout the duration of the procedure.

Short Procedure Time 

When you opt for a non-surgical facelift, there is no anesthesia or other pain medication involved. Because of this, the procedures can  be completed within an hour. However, because each patient is different, the time to complete can vary.

Minimal Recovery Time

With non-surgical facelifts, you will return to work in no time! In fact, after a non-surgical facelift, you can be back to work in a few days.

Minimal Aftercare

Also, the aftercare involved after a non-surgical facelift is minimal. Over-the-counter medication will be enough to keep any discomfort at bay.

Fewer Risks Involved

A non-surgical facelift bypasses risks such as infection and anesthesia complications. This will give you great peace of mind.


Neurotris Advanced Microcurrent Science for Anti-Aging

Microcurrent is naturally generated in the body to produce the energy required for muscle movement and nerve impulses. Cells are similar to miniature batteries and electric generators. As we get older, our cells begin losing power and need to be recharged. Because the Neurotris Microcurrent mimics the body’s own electric signals, it sends messages that are easily recognized by muscles and cells in the skin, thereby increasing the amount of ATP a cell produces by approximately 500%. This increased level of ATP increases cellular metabolism, so it increases the removal of waste, proteins synthesis, as well as production of collagen and elastin.


Our Natural Facelift is shown to:

– reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
– increase natural production of collagen and elastin
– improve skin texture
– reduce acne scars
– improve circulation
– lift and rejuvenate facial muscle tissue
The effects of microcurrent are cumulative. Please be aware that the results are also dependent upon lifestyle, age, health, and condition of the skin tissue.

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Turn back the clock on aging, increase collagen production on cellular level, smooth out lines and wrinkles and firm facial muscles

Single treatment -$230
July Special – $205

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Ultimate Glow Facial

To conclude, you can experience the most advanced skin treatment that will leave you with a radiant glow and lifted, tightened skin. This fantastic combination of Microcurrent Face Lift and Hydrafacial removes dead skin and blackheads, delivers targeted serums to hydrate your skin, visibly reduces appearance of wrinkles, tightens and tones facial muscles and gives you an incredible relaxation. Also includes LED light therapy to promote collagen production. Great for special occasions or a quick pick-me-up.

90 minutes: $305
July special: $285

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If you’re ready to discuss your non-surgical facelift, then give us a call today at (860) 712-7313. You can also visit our website for more information!