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Facials used to be for fancy ladies. Now most professional woman, and increasing numbers of men get them, and there are lots of good spas. A Touch of Bliss, however is unique in its use of safe, organic products. Erina, the bilingual owner who is plugged into some sort of eternal energy source, evaluates the client’s skin and goes from there, rather then pushing packages and gimmicks. Her approach is totally personalized, and she is an artist with her hands. She’s recently expanded her facility and pulled together a team that shares her philosophy. It’s the place to go for a quick facial, a lengthier, more intensive treatment, a wax, or an incredible deep-tissue massage. During my last visit Jess, the “face” of Erina’s organization, lengthened the straps on my mother’s handbag so it was easier to carry, Rachel, the “hands” massaged all the stress of 100 hours at the computer out of my back, and Erina, the cosmetician/doctor/comedienne did her usual incredible facial work and seemed to be ten places at once without losing her focus. The only thing better than these people is the knowledge that everything was safe and organic. No wonder A Touch of Bliss is developing such a following.