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If you are searching for a Non-Surgical Face Lift in West Hartford CT and Avon CT, look no further than Touch of Bliss Spa. Touch of Bliss Spa has been supplying a special mix of ancient recovery modalities and cutting-edge technology to our clients in West Hartford and Avon, CT for years. If you desire a tranquil, peaceful ambiance, our Spa is for you. Let’s discuss the benefits and what to expect from a Non Surgical Face Lift.

What is a Non Surgical Face Lift?

Non Surgical Face Lifts are a wonderful alternative to Botox and fillers. Microcurrent facials produce a low-grade electrical current to the facial muscles utilizing a small non-invasive machine. This electrical current essentially forces your face muscles to repeatedly contract. Think of it as a workout for your facial muscles. The contracting produces lifting and sculpting results. The top results expected from a Microcurrent facial are tightened and firmed skin, stimulated collagen growth, lifted eyebrows, and added definition to your cheekbones.

How to Prepare for a Non Surgical Face Lift

Thankfully, there is no extensive prep before a Non Surgical Face Lift. Before your procedure, you should plan to eat a normal meal. Additionally, it is fine to take any prescription medications. You will need to completely clean your face of any makeup before your appointment.

Benefits of a Non Surgical Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lifts have many amazing benefits. One of the best parts about this procedure is there is no recovery time.  Also, Non Surgical Face Lifts are non-invasive and painless. Additionally, you can expect to see positive effects as soon as you leave your procedure.

If you are ready to reap the benefits of a Non Surgical Face Lift, schedule an appointment today! At Touch of Bliss Spa, we strive to provide the best treatments that will leave you recharged and feeling brand new! If you are ready to experience younger-looking skin, improved elasticity, and redefined features, let’s discuss a Non Surgical Face Lift today. Most importantly, Botox and fillers are no longer required to achieve the younger-looking skin that you deserve! If you have any questions or would like to schedule your appointment, give us a call at (860) 712-7313. At Touch of Bliss Spa, we proudly provide many different services that are designed to help you relax, and feel better. To see the complete list of options, see our website.